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Where to sell your Diamond Ring?

As a Diamond House working in global markets, Sell My Diamond are well established in the diamond industry with a solid base of industry contacts worldwide. The best place, where you can sell your loose Diamond and Diamond jewellery.

As a Diamond buyer, Sell My Diamond continually monitor global trends and maintain a close knowledge of world markets.

Our experts can assess the market value for all types of diamond jewellery. Often, a setting will have a value that’s beyond the actual value of the metal itself.

That’s why Sell My Diamond can offer you the True Value of your items.
Please consult our FAQ on selling diamonds. Get your offer or contact Sell My Diamond.

Sell My Diamond are well established in the Diamond Industry.

We have a wide range of international customers waiting to buy diamonds and diamond jewellery and we constantly receive requests from would-be purchasers.

While retail jewellery stores and many others may have to hold on to items they purchase for a considerable time before they can sell them – and are forced to take this into account when making an offer – we’re in a much stronger position.