The Fast, Safe Way to Sell your Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Diamonds

Selling diamonds or diamond jewellery is not an easy task at all. In order to smooth this process here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that you can use to clarify any doubt. You are always welcome to ask any questions through our inquiry form on the Contact Us tab.

01. How will my diamonds and jewellery be valued? Will I get the True Value?

Some of what is paid when buying an item of jewellery is based on emotive appeal, romance and the perception of opulence. The diamond dealer sells the diamond to the jeweller with a mark-up. The jeweller who uses the diamond to produce the item of jewellery in turn adds an additional mark-up.

The value shown on an Insurance Valuation or Insurance Certificate is similarly frequently inflated, benefiting the jeweller who sold the item of jewellery as well as the purchaser who is buoyed by the impression that the purchase is more valuable than the purchase price. The Insurance Value is often thus not an exact reflection of the True Value.

A GIA Certificate clearly and reliably defines the properties of a diamond, accurate to recognised standard assessments. It is most useful to send a copy of the GIA Certificate for your diamonds if available.

With or without a certificate, we will diligently assess your diamonds and jewellery and give you the best offer we can, based on the True Value. Get your True Value now.

02. How long will it take for payment to arrive?

As soon as our diamond graders and jewellery specialists have seen and assessed your jewellery, we will send you a firm offer. When you accept this offer, the agreed payment will be sent to your account within one business day. You will receive confirmation by email that we have made the transfer. Get started now.

03. What’s the maximum price you will pay for a diamond?

There is no maximum price because we will assess the diamond to arrive at the best price we can pay. You are welcome to sell your highest value diamonds. If we arrive at a value of $20 million for your diamond, then that is the amount we will pay. All legal and banking arrangements will be made to ensure you receive the full payment for high value diamonds.

Keep in mind there is a minimum… any diamond ring or jewellery – or loose diamonds – that you want to sell must include at least one diamond of one carat or larger.

04. How can I tell if a diamond is one carat or larger?

In general, a one carat round diamond is likely to be 6.5mm across (a bit over half a centimeter) as you look at it from above.

05. What types of diamonds do you buy?

We buy a wide range of diamonds and diamond jewellery, as long as there is at least one diamond in the setting that is one carat or over in size. We buy diamonds of various grades and diamonds of all colours.  We pay a premium price for jewellery from world-renowned diamond houses. We buy loose diamonds, too. You can check your diamond certificate or jeweller’s description to find out if your diamond is one carat or over in size. Ask about your diamonds here.

06. Do I have to pay for postage?

No. But the important first step is that you confirm you are interested in selling within the general price range we have quoted you for your diamonds or diamond jewellery. Keep in mind that we always offer to buy at the True Value of the diamond.

Once you are happy with the estimated value we send you, we will arrange for delivery via a secure courier service, with the item fully insured. In the event that you do not accept our final offer – which we make after we have viewed and assessed the True Value of your diamonds or diamond jewellery, we will securely return the item or items to you. Get your True Value now.

07. How can I be sure I’ll get my jewellery back if I don’t want to sell?

We are a reputable diamond house with a long history of dealing in diamonds, well trusted in our industry. We have qualified jewellery experts who have years of experience in dealing with diamonds, even up to $1m dollar plus in value, and never fail. Our customers are aware that we do what we say, and that we can be trusted. Get started now.